Everything I ever Learned about #Leadership I learned from someone else

The United States Army defines Leadership as; influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.

Leadership has also been described as; “a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task” — Chemers M. (1997). An integrative theory of leadership.


Whatever your choice of the above definitions, or you have another, in the end the basic responsibilities of all leaders are all the same, People!

It has been said that without our customers we wouldn’t have a business, and although that is a true statement; but without applying effective leadership to our employees we wouldn’t have customers.

Who interacts with your customers day to day? Most of the time it is those that you have hired, and if you can’t provide effective leadership to those employees, how are they going to interact with your customers.

There have been a lot of lists on leadership principles developed; and they are all relatively the same. But here are a few that I have written down on scraps of paper over the years that work pretty well for me. I can’t take credit for all of these, as most have been said by those a lot smarter than me.

Except for 1, 2 and 28 these are in no explicit order or importance.

  1. You’re ultimately responsible for what your people do well, and what they do bad
  2. Never be quick to take the credit for what your team does well, but be the first to take the responsibility for what they do wrong, remember you hired and trained them. (any questions see number 1)
  3. Humility is a dying characteristic, time we start reviving it
  4. Just as you teach your employees; they can teach you, keep an open mind and ever be scared to ask for input
  5. Be quick to admit mistakes
  6. Be approachable
  7. You are expendable
  8. Sometimes you have to say No
  9. Just like it’s OK to say No, Sometimes you have to hear No. (Don’t hire “Yes” People)
  10. Take Care of your Employees and be concerned for their Families
  11. Accomplish the Task At Hand
  12. Communicate
  13. Never Compromise the established goals or standards
  14. Develop a Level of Predictability
  15. Set the Example
  16. Lead by Example
  17. Lead by Showing, Not Telling
  18. Train Employees to Assume Other “Higher” Level Tasks
  19. Develop a Trust and Loyalty Relationship at All Levels
  20. Develop a Situational Awareness Mind Set
  21. Leadership Is Always Management but Management Is Not Always Leadership
  22. Remember Where It Is You Came From
  23. See First, Understand First, and Act First
  24. Never Take Yourself So Seriously That You Can’t Laugh At Yourself
  25. Be Able To Think and React on Your “Feet”
  26. Experience Is Sometimes Better Than an MBA or PhD
  27. Perception Is 95% Reality
  28. Never Put a Period behind Knowledge (took this one from an old employee of mine and yes it’s last on the list by design)

Now there are a ton of others, that could be added, but these are some of the ones in my humble opinion we tend to forget about the most.

Hope this helps!

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