#MondayThought “It will never happen here” is a fallacy.

I’ve spent the better part of the last three decades as either a soldier working on physical security plans or stating my opinions and ideas on enhancing physical security in SM and blog posts.

I have also had the honor of contributing to three books dealing with Soft Target Hardening;

Soft Target Hardening; Protecting People From Attack Fist and Second Edition

Soft Targets and Crisis Management: What Emergency Planners and Security Professionals Need to Know

All three with Dr. (COL USAF RET.) Jennifer Hesterman

I have looked outside the box and have given emergency management opinions on mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from not only weather-related disasters but also terrorism and active shooter incidents.

I have also stated numerous times the need for personal security and situational awareness.

We live in a world today that is more dynamic than any other time in our history. Social-Political, Economic, Geo-Political tensions rule the day. And some of us have also allowed those influences to rule our lives.

We live in a world of terrorism, Political (Right and Left) Religious (and not one religion is immune), Environmental, Animal Rights, National Separatist, Anarchist, and any other separate single-issue causes.

And we live in a world of violence. Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Austin, and not just larger cities, but smaller ones too.

We have had any amount of terrorist attacks in recent years, Pittsburgh, San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, NJ and NYC, to name a few. We have had active shooter attacks, Thousand Oaks, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Stoneman Douglas, Santa Fe, and again just to name a few.

We need to be more alert and vigilant as to our own surroundings, where we are, when we are there, where to go if something happens, what to do if something happens, what not to do when something happens, First aid, evacuation, (the best way out may not be the closest), call 911, link up point if you are with a group, who to call to let know you’re ok, or God forbid not ok.

“We” all seem to have the answers on “How to fix the problem” but we don’t want to or block out what to do when faced with the problem. Sorry that’s backwards thinking. These things don’t happen and have not happened in a vacuum.

Today it is one form of weapon, tomorrow it will be another. A firearm, a car, a knife, a broken bottle, a poison released into an HVAC system, an airplane being crashed into a building, the list of possible weapons, to create mass casualties is endless.

Learn how to be safe but not scared, learn how to mitigate your exposure to these incidents, not hide in your house, learn how to prepare, learn how to respond, and importantly learn how to recover. Learn what it means to be situationally aware, what it means to be “Left of Bang”. You will never be able to control or change the world, but you can change your own little piece of it, by being smarter and more skilled.

If you need help in personal security, situational awareness, mitigation, preparation, response and recovery, get that help, become a force multiplier. The skills you learn you may never need, but it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

“It will never happen here…………………Until it does”

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